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PersonalityMatch Features

Take a free personality test, match your results with your partner or friends and discover easy ways to boost your most precious relationships!

Sophisticated personality test

Discover your personality type in just 30 questions.

Match your personality with friends

Compare your personality type with that of your partner or friends!

Learn about your friends’ personality type

Learn your friend’s personality strengths and weaknesses.

See your compatibility score

The powerful algorithm compares your results and produces a score from 0% to 100%.

Identify common frustrations and how to solve them

Get to understand the motivations and desires of your partner and friends better.

Get personalised advice on how to improve your relationship

See how you complement each other and how to get around your biggest roadblocks.

If you want to get along, go along.

Besides being FREE see what else sets PersonalityMatch apart.

This is how it works

You take the app's free personality test, then invite your partner, friends, colleagues or relatives to do the same. The app then compares both personality types and gives you a compatibility score. It also reveals areas where you get along, and why, as well as listing possible conflict points and how to resolve them

Sophisticated algorithm

What sets PersonalityMatch apart, is its unique sharing capability. This lets you invite others to take the test and then compares results to produce a compatibility score from 0% to 100%!

Personalized advice

Get personalized advice on how to boost your relationships based on the classic phychological tests by Katharine Cook Briggs, Isabel Briggs Myers and the theories of the psychologist Carl Jung


Take a free personality test, invite friends, match your testresults and see your compatibility score!

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Press release June 20, 2016.
Download the PersonalityMatch launch press release.